In our hyper-connected world, these truths reign:

Data Cannot be Protected
Privacy is Non-Existent
No Device or Network can be Trusted
But now there is…

  • The existing cloud-native architectures, platforms, applications and services are fundamentally vulnerable

    The problem is foundational. Current native cloud-based architectures gain efficiency through principles that are fundamentally flawed from a security standpoint. Thus, the best that can be achieved with current approaches is a series of compromises between data access and efficiency on the one hand and data security and privacy on the other. However, it does not have to be that way.

    Circle changes the paradigm to secure data and preserve privacy, while maintaining efficiency and ease of use of the cloud-native architectures. While other cybersecurity solutions treat the symptoms, Circle cures the disease.

  • Password-based authorization is a bane

    For decades, web-based logins for access and communications have been secured using TLS and certificates. While this is fundamentally secure, verifying user identity and authorizing access have been accomplished with passwords and certificate authorities that rely on a chain of trust. This exposes passwords to capture or cracking by malicious actors, as well as points of attack along the entire chain. As a result, both user identity authentication and device authorization are vulnerable.

    Circle replaces credentials-based logins with a revolutionary unspoofable system of human-in-the-loop identity authentication that also radically improves user experience and reduces IT security overhead.

  • Admin/Super User access is a major threat

    We all read the headlines. Not a day goes by without another catastrophic breach of data, networks or sensitive systems and infrastructure. Why does this keep happening?

    Because, at the end of the day, in the cloud world, someone must have the keys to the kingdom. And they are usually stored in the place where they are most vulnerable – on the cloud!

    Circle’s revolutionary human-in-the-loop authentication solves the paradox, enabling Super User access that is controlled by humans, not machines.

  • Users – and Government – are demanding Privacy and Control of their data

    Ever more strict regulations and governing bodies are requiring general, or industry specific data protection and compliance, with the costs in fines and legal liability for failure often reaching tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.

    Circle’s unique, patented architecture enables organizations to maintain security and compliance simultaneously, meeting all the requirements of HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, PSD2 and more.

    With Circle, NOBODY other than YOU have access to your data – or metadata – EVER.