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Circle API for Developers

Unbreakable security & privacy without altering end user experience

  • Easy onboarding, frictionless user experience

    Authenticate once, eliminate passwords forever!

  • Easy to implement, with the ability to maintain existing workflows

    Radically improve security, privacy and user experience.

  • No Compromise on Data or Access Protection

    Easier than Authenticator App, more secure SMS-based authentication.

  • Flexible

    Users - or developer - can easily configure varying levels of security to fit needs.

Circle API Integration Options

The Circle API supports 2 easy integration options that address both Web and Device Native Applications to provide your users with uncompromised security, privacy.

  • Libraries/SDK

    • Lightweight libraries
    • Inline & rapid implementation
    • Fully integrated with your applications

  • REST

    • Easy & Rapid REST implementation
    • Requires download of lightweight Circle Service
    • Effortless Maintenance