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Power your applications with Circle API to protect your data, privacy and identity from known & unknown cyber threats.

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Circle is the only unified data security and passwordless authentication API in the market.

With Circle, developers can enable their customers and users to collaborate,communicate and share data across networks, systems, and devices without compromising user experience, identity, and privacy.


Passwordless authentication is not enough!
Only Circle provides 360 protection, radically improving user experience, satisfaction and trust in your brand.

Identity Verification +
Data Security + Privacy


Secure by Design

Unlimited Scalability
& Persistence
Enable End-to-End Encryption in your applications without compromising scalability. Store unlimited volumes of data securely and persistently for effective collaboration and information exchange.
Data Security
Deliver unrivaled data security with ZERO attack surface in the Cloud and E2EE powered by Circle's patented breakthrough key management.
Unparalleled Control,
Flexibility & Ease-of-Use
Allows you to implement flexible levels of security to fit your needs, use cases and types of data.
Cryptographic Credential-free
Implement a breakthrough system of human-in-the-loop identity authentication that is cryptographically fused to device authorization.
Unprecedented Privacy
User identity, data, metadata, activity and communications are all protected in AES 256 encrypted circles, with no access or visibility to unauthorized parties.

Circle API for Developers

Unbreakable security & privacy without altering end user experience

  • Easy onboarding, frictionless user experience

    Authenticate once, eliminate passwords forever!

  • Easy to implement, with the ability to maintain existing workflows

    Radically improve security, privacy and user experience.

  • No Compromise on Data or Access Protection

    Easier than Authenticator App, more secure SMS-based authentication.

  • Flexible

    Users - or developer - can easily configure varying levels of security to fit needs.

Circle API Integration Options

The Circle API supports 2 easy integration options that address both Web and Device Native Applications to provide your users with uncompromised security, privacy.

  • Libraries/SDK

    • Lightweight libraries
    • Inline & rapid implementation
    • Fully integrated with your applications

  • REST

    • Easy & Rapid REST implementation
    • Requires download of lightweight Circle Service
    • Effortless Maintenance

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